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Driving the evolution of input machines

March 1, 2024 New Arrivals 2025 Mynavi Open
February 20, 2024 News 2024 Chubu Pack Exhibit

About Asahi Kinzoku

Based on our technological capabilities cultivated over more than half a century,

We deliver "Innovations in Food Machinery" from Kyoto to the world.

Labor-saving" and "Manpower-saving" machines are our keywords,
As a consulting manufacturer

We are opening up new fields of business.


We manufacture and sell highly efficient machines mainly for the food and pharmaceutical industries.



NR Series" is a machine that cuts and feeds a series of sachets accurately and at high speed.

OR Series" is a machine that counts and folds a series of sachets and packs them into a box.

CT Series" is a device that feeds hundreds of cards, etc. one by one at high speed.

We also offer a variety of other equipment.



We also offer a variety of system products based on each series,

We also develop and manufacture labor-saving and manpower-saving machines to meet customer needs.

Please feel free to contact us.

Automatic Pouch Distributor

Single Pouch Distributor

Automatic Folding Device


Automatic Take-up Device

Card Distributor

Automatic High-speed Packing Device

Automatic Single Pouch Distribution Device

Hot Melt
Pouch stretcher

Comming soon

X-ray Feed Device

​You Tube

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