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Automatic Pouch Distributor

NR-81 type

330 bags/min Vertical feed mechanism, 80mm width specification

NR-101 type

330 bags/min Vertical feed mechanism, 100mm width specification

NR-700 type

700 bags/min Rotary cutter blade, continuous feed specification

NRS-1 type

280 bags/min Rotary suction mechanism

NR-18N type

500 bags/min side seal and belt feed

Automatic Folding Device

ORA-600T type

Specification for 60m/min

OR-22N type

Specifications for 40 m/min

OR-15 type

Specification for 15m/min

ORA-600TK type

Specification for 60m/min

OR-22TK type

Specifications for 40m/min.

Single Pouch Distributor

ABT-2 type

120 bags/min.

Automatic Take-up Device

HMK-15S type

Specifications for 70m/min.

MK-45 type

Specifications for 40 m/min

Card Distributor

CT-24T type

Specifications for 240 sheets/min.

CT-12T type

Specifications for 120 sheets/min.

Automatic High-speed Packing Device

HI-4 type

Specifications for 240 sheets/min.

Automatic Single Pouch Distribution Device

CE-1 type

70 bags/min.

X-ray Feed Device

GFX-1 type


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