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Product List

Product introduction

Product List

We manufacture and sell highly efficient machines mainly for the food and pharmaceutical industries.



NR Series" is a machine that cuts and feeds a series of pouches accurately and at high speed.

OR Series" is a machine that counts and folds a series of pouches and packs them into a box.

CT Series" is a device that feeds hundreds of cards, etc. one by one at high speed.

We also offer a variety of other equipment.



We also offer a variety of system products based on each series,

We also develop and manufacture labor-saving and manpower-saving machines to meet customer needs.

Please feel free to contact us.

Automatic pouch feeder machine

Single Pouch Distributor

Automatic Folding Device


Automatic take-up device

High-speed card input machine

High-speed automatic box packing machine

Automatic Single Pouch Distribution Device

Hot Melt
pouch stretcher

Comming soon...

X-ray Feed Device

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