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X-ray Feed Device

X-ray inspection of sachets (powder, liquid, desiccant, oxygen absorber, etc.) for "entrapment" or "foreign matter" and detection of NG sachets stops at the designated position, allowing removal and reconnection of NG sachets. The system is interlocked with the filling machine.

GFX-1 type

Standard external view

GFX-1 type_Standard external view


Carrying capacity

Maximum 60m/min

Applicable pouch size

Width 30 - 100 mm, Length 30 - 100 mm

Size of main unit

Overall length 1250mm, height 2150mm, depth 870mm

Mass of main unit​



Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz

Required power


Air pressure

0.5 Mpa or more

Air consumption


*Powder, liquid soup bags, spice bags, desiccants, oxygen absorbers, etc.


Combined with an existing filling machine, it inspects sachets of continuous packets.

The input material can be any kind of powder, liquid, etc.

Simultaneous inspections are possible, such as checking the content quantity, foreign matter, and bite.

Both 3-way and 4-way seals can be inspected.

Contents can be easily checked on the monitor display.

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