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Single pouch Distributor

Single Pouch Distributor Soup, Retort, Desiccant, Oxygen Absorber, etc.
Simply feeding the pouches (single pouches) into the hopper automatically lines them up and feeds them in, making this a labor-saving machine.

ABT-2 type

Standard external view

ABT-2 type_Standard external view


input capacity

Max. 120 pcs/min (2-row specification)

input pouch shape

3-way, 4-way seal, max. 100 mm wide x 100 mm long

Size of main unit

Length 2371mm, Width 700mm, Height 2050mm

Mass of main unit



3 phase AC200V 50/60Hz

Required power


Air pressure


Air consumption


*Specifications will vary depending on the customer's requirements.
Examples: Soup, retort, oxygen absorber, desiccant, etc.


Fully automated single pouch loading!

The use of a suction transfer unit greatly improves feeding accuracy!

Simply feeding pouch (single pouch) into the hopper automatically aligns and feeds the pouch, resulting in a highly labor-efficient machine.

The machine can be easily connected to existing packaging machines.

Feeding accuracy has been greatly improved with the use of a suction transfer unit.

Feeding speed can be freely adjusted.

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