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Automatic Single Pouch Distribution Device

This is a labor-saving machine that can automatically feed trays, mounts, and bookmarks by simply feeding them to the stock conveyor section of the tray and mount feeder.

CE-1 type

Standard external view

CE-1 type_Standard external view


absorptive capacit

Maximum 70 pcs/min

Tray size

Max. 140mm wide x 200mm long x 35mm thick

Size of main unit

Length 1508mm, Width 480mm, Height 1541mm

Mass of main unit



3 phase AC200V 50/60Hz

Required power


Air pressure


Air consumption


*Specifications will vary depending on customer requests.
Examples: Trays, mounts, bookmarks, etc.


Depending on the shape of the trays and mounts, suction and other take-out mechanisms are selected to ensure that the trays and mounts are fed into the designated positions.

Automatic feeding of trays, mounts, bookmarks, etc. can be done simply by feeding them to the stock conveyor section, making this machine highly labor-efficient.

Daily operation is easy with only two buttons.

The touch panel makes setting operation simple and easy to see.

Easy connection to existing packaging machines.

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