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Card Distributor

Back to Card Distributor are devices that feed various types of cards, card-type ageless, seals, and mounts into position on the wrapping machine conveyor.

CT-12T type

Standard external view

CT-12T type_Standard external view


absorptive capacity

120 sheets/minute

Input card size

Width 30 - 100 mm, Length 30 - 100 mm, Thickness max. 1 mm

Size of main unit

Width 500 mm, Height 539 mm, Depth 538 mm

Mass of main unit



Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz 800VA

Air pressure


Air consumption


Examples of use: Card-type AGELESS, sheet desiccant, bonus cards, campaign stickers, etc.


Servo mechanism realizes 120 sheets/min!

Push-in function included and easy to use

The servo mechanism makes it compact, low-noise, and extremely smooth.

Highly stable and safe to use.

Cards are easily supplied by cassette type.

​​Servo mechanism

​▲Servo mechanism

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