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Automatic High-speed Packing Device

Automatic High-speed Packing Device for storing single packaged powder soup bags, liquid soup bags, desiccants, etc. in a designated storage box.

The equipment stores the storage bags in the designated storage box.

HI-4 type

Standard external view

HI-4 type_Standard external view


absorptive capacity

240 single bags/minute (when input bag length is 70mm)

input method of small bags of inches

Width 65 - 110mm, Length 70 - 135mm

Storage box size

Width 450mm, Height 200mm, Depth 350mm

Size of main unit

Overall width 1250mm, height 1768.5mm, depth 900mm

Mass of main unit



Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz

Required power


Examples of use: Powder soup bags, liquid soup bags, desiccants, etc.


Equipped with a fixed position feeding function!
Servo mechanism realizes 240 pcs/minute processing!

Automatically packs pouches supplied from filling and feeding machines into boxes.

The number of bags stored can be easily set. When the set number of boxes is reached, the machine automatically notifies the user.

The storage box can be switched automatically by setting an empty box.

Pouches are dropped horizontally, so they can be stored without difficulty.

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