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Automatic Winding Device

The automatic winder is a device that continuously winds up sachets that have been banded and packaged, it is a device that correctly and promptly winds up the continuously strip-wrapped sachets in conjunction with the filling machine.

HMK-15S type

Standard external view

Model HMK-15S_Standard external view


Winding speed


Dimensions of rewind sachet

Width 20-75mm, length 28-100mm

Winding Dimensions

Max. width 200mm, Winding diameter 380Φ

Dimensions of main unit

Overall width 800mm, Height 1994mm, Depth 910mm

Reserve box dimensions

Overall width 1000mm, height 667mm, depth 150mm

Mass of main unit



3 phase AC200V 50/60Hz 15A

Winding shaft

single axle

Examples of use: Powder, liquid, spices, drying agent, oxygen absorber, natto sauce, mustard, etc.


The machine works in conjunction with the filling machine to correctly and promptly roll sachets of continuous packaging into paper tubes or other containers.

Daily operation requires only 2-touch operation for easy handling.

The touch panel makes setting operation simple and easy to see.

Data for 50 types of sachets can be stored and easily switched between them.

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