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​Automatic Pouch Distributor

The ​Automatic Pouch Distributor cuts pouches in a series of packets to a certain size and feeds them correctly at high speed into a fixed position on the work line,
The machine cuts a series of pouches to a certain size and feeds them correctly at a high speed into a fixed position on the work line.
The machine is used for powder (spices), solid (desiccants, oxygen absorbers), liquid (sauces), etc, it is used for various purposes such as powder (spices), solid (desiccants and oxygen absorbers) and liquid (sauces).

NR-700 type

Standard external view​

Model NR-700_Standard external view


input capacity

Maximum 700 bags/min

input method of  pouches of inches

Width 30-100mm, Length 30-150mm, Thickness max. 20mm

Size of main unit

Width 380mm, Height 500mm, Depth 650mm

Mass of main unit



3 phase AC200V 50/60Hz

Required power



Continuous feed and ultra-high-speed rotary cutter blade mechanism enable continuous operation, overturning the common practice of conventional intermittent operation and realizing high-speed cutting with a maximum feeding capacity of 700 bags/minute. (This may vary depending on conditions such as pouch length, etc.)

The machine synchronizes with the line and feeds pouches reliably from high speed to low speed.

The feed mechanism and rotary cutter blade mechanism are integrated into a single unit for easy maintenance.

50 types of pouch data are stored in memory for easy data switching.

Daily operation is simple, with only start, stop, and reset operations.

Many optional devices are available to meet your specifications. We offer functions and mechanisms to meet your desired specifications.

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