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​Automatic Pouch Distributor


The ​Automatic Pouch Distributor cuts pouches in a series of packets to a certain size and feeds them correctly at high speed into a fixed position on the work line,The machine cuts a series of sachets to a certain size and feeds them correctly at a high speed into a fixed position on the work line.The machine is used for powder (spices), solid (desiccants, oxygen absorbers), liquid (sauces), etc,

NR-81 type

Standard external view

NR-81 type_Standard external view


input capacity

Max. 330 bags/minute (at 50mm bag length)

input method of small bags of inches

Width 20-80mm, Length 30-100mm, Thickness max. 12mm

Size of main unit

Width 260 mm, Height 450 mm, Depth 519 mm

Mass of main unit



Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz

Required power


Examples of use: Powder, liquid soup bags, spice bags, desiccants, oxygen absorbers, etc.


High-speed software ensures fast and reliable feeding.

Daily operation is easy with only two switches (start and stop).

100 types of pouch data can be stored and easily switched between them.

The pouch feed and cutter are driven by servo motors, resulting in low noise.

The entire cutter unit can be removed for easy maintenance.

The compact design allows for easy installation on existing packaging machines.

The operation panel can be mounted anywhere on the front, back, left, or right of the main unit.

Options can be easily added with the built-in software.

(Vibrator device, tip detection device, passage detection device, shutter device)

Optional suction device can be installed to ensure that the product is placed and attached at the specified location.

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