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Automatic Folding Device

Automatic Folding Device is used for powder, liquid, spice, desiccant, oxygen absorber, etc.
It is interlocked with a high-speed filling machine to correctly fold and store the continuous pouches,

The device folds and stores the continuous pouches correctly and promptly.

OR-22N type

Standard external view

OR-22N type_Standard external view


input-output speed

Max. 40 m/min (at box length 580 mm)

Storage pouch size

Width 30 - 100 mm, Length 30 - 100 mm

Storage box size

Max. width 600mm, height 310mm, depth 350mm

Size of main unit

Overall width 700mm, height 1742mm, depth 900mm

Mass of main unit



Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz

Required power


Air pressure


Air consumption


*Examples of use: powder, liquid, spice, desiccant, oxygen absorber, etc.


Easy adjustment by touch panel system!
Daily operation is easy with only 2 touches!

The touch panel makes setting operation simple and easy to see.

Touch panel allows for quick maintenance!

Daily operation is very easy with only two buttons, and the new swing duct system ensures correct and secure folding and storage.

The unique software stores data for 30 different sachets for easy changeover.

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