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Automatic Folding Device

Automatic Folding Device is used for powder, liquid, spice, desiccant, oxygen absorber, etc.
It is interlocked with a high-speed filling machine to correctly fold and store the continuous pouches,

The device folds and stores the continuous pouches correctly and promptly.

ORA-600T type

Standard external view

ORA-600T type_standard external view


input-output speed

Max. 60 m/min (at 600 mm box length)

 Storage pouch size

Width 30 - 100 mm, Length 30 - 100 mm

Storage box size

Max. width 700mm, height 350mm, depth 500mm

Size of main unit

Width 1740mm, Height 2048mm, Depth 750mm

Mass of main unit



Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz

Required power


Air consumption


Air consumption


*Examples of use: powder, liquid, spice, desiccant, oxygen absorber, etc.


High-speed filling machine compatible, 2-touch operation for daily operation!

Compatible with high-speed filling machines and can be quickly folded and stored.

The touch panel makes setting operation simple and easy to see.

Easy to operate. Daily operation is easy with only 2-touch operation.

Memorizes 30 types of pouch data. Data can be easily switched.

By using the optional fold and hold unit with built-in heater, even lightweight pouches can be stored correctly.

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